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360° Energy Concept
Developed and Made in Germany

Intelligent and sustainable energy systems are our passion.

With our all-in-one applications, we contribute to the energy transition together with you, our customers. For a sustainable environment, for a future worth living, for all of us.

E-charging stations

IoT Technology

Hot water tank

Hydrogen storage

Photovoltaic systems


Energy storage systems

Fuel cell

E-charging stations

IoT Technology

Hot water tank

Hydrogen storage

Photovoltaic systems


Energy storage systems

Fuel cell

Development and production in
Germany with worldwide patented technologies

The development, production and distribution of our innovative products in the renewable energy sector come from the region of cutting-edge technology – from Baden-Württemberg.

Forward-looking technologies that can solve tomorrow’s challenges today. Developed by our specialists. A team that is committed to energy with energy for energy.

Green energy that is clean, sustainable and CO²-free. Energy that makes smart applications easy for the consumer.


Unicorn Energy GmbH was founded in 2011 in the region for cutting-edge technology in the southwest, more precisely in Schwäbisch Gmünd. As a company that develops, installs and services modern, innovative and CO²-free technologies for energy generation. As of 01.07.22, Unicorn Energy GmbH will be converted into a public limited company (AG).


It all started with a clever and sustainable energy storage system. Today, with its self-produced fuel cell and other green technologies such as electrolysers, the company is one of the top suppliers in the industry.


We are proud of the many innovative developments and inventions that come out of our laboratories. Of course, we protect these ideas. Unicorn Energy AG holds numerous patents and utility models – worldwide.


Decentralised and future-proof
Housing & Construction
Industry & Business


Modular and Scalable Systems

Hand in hand for a sustainable future

Agri-PV systems offer a win-win situation for farmers, the environment and society. Invest in a sustainable future today!

Modern and Highly Efficient Solar Modules

Unicorn and its partners share more than 25 years of experience in the solar sector. As a result, the solar modules used are among the most powerful and highest-yielding ones on the market worldwide.

Hydrogen Technology

Emission-free and sustainable – a technology that uses raw materials available in Europe and protects people and the environment. One of our core competences.

Innovative and Modular Energy Storage Systems

The EnergyCubes can be used individually or interconnected in mobile and stationary applications. Thanks to the innovative magnetic plug-in system, EnergyCubes can be replaced in no time and doing so requires no technical knowledge.

Flexible storage solutions for the Smart Home

Individual EnergyCubes can be combined into a home storage system as required. In this way, the modular energy storage systems can be flexibly and individually adapted to your needs. A technology that offers “tomorrow” today.

Energy storage solutions for industry and commerce

The Industrial Series offers your company decisive advantages and possibilities for achieving a virtually self-sufficient energy supply for your company.

Standardised charging technology

Integrate your e-scooter and other light electric vehicles with the universal standardised EnergyLock plug. Easy and user-friendly electricity charging.

Decentralised, future-proof energy concepts for companies, for
municipalities - simple for everyone

Our new energy concept for companies and municipalities offers energy concepts on a large scale, from solid financing to product insurance – energy solutions for everyone.

The components come from a single source and allow for individual variations. From the production of green electricity to its application.

Internet of Energy

Control everything from everywhere. A smart interface makes this possible. With the Unicorn platform, you as a company or end consumer have an interface for an overview of your energy management. Where the electricity comes from, where it flows to. With one platform, you can bring about your digital energy transition easily, quickly and effectively. Everything at a glance.

Hydrogen technology: Research and innovation from the region for cutting-edge technology

Hydrogen is emission-free and sustainable. We rely on raw materials that are available in Europe, gentle on people and the environment.

This is our daily incentive. We invest in research and development in fuel cells and safe hydrogen storage. We integrate the energy surplus, which is already unused in many cases today, into our systems and thus save valuable resources.

Thanks to our intelligent energy systems, the fuel cell also works in combination with other technologies. Such as the EnergyCubes based on lithium batteries.

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You and we

We can only achieve the energy transition together. Our cooperation with you, our partners and our employees is close to our hearts.


To advance the energy transition, we need to work together!That is why you, as our partner and colleague, are especially important to us.


Determination, dedication and sometimes also stubbornness drive us forward in our search for even better future-oriented inventions for the energy transition.

Fast descision-making

Flat hierarchies and clear structures offer the flexibility you desire. The energy transition must succeed quickly, and we do everything we can to make it happen.


HiGH-tech from Baden-Württemberg, green energy from Baden-Württemberg, cutting-edge technology from the southwest of Germany.

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