Federal Chairwoman Lang at the technology leader Unicorn Energy GmbH

Federal Chairwoman Lang at the technology leader Unicorn Energy GmbH

Last week, Unicorn Energy GmbH welcomed the Federal Chairwoman of Bündnis 90/ Die Grünen Ricarda Lang, as well as Baden-Württemberg’s Member of Parliament Martina Häusler and District Administrator Dr. Joachim Bläse. The background to the talks in Gmünd’s Unipark was the mobility and energy transition and the question of how this can reach citizens quickly, directly and in a user-friendly way, and what the legal framework for this could look like.

One focus was on mobile charging stations for light electric vehicles, so-called LEVs, which are equipped with a standardized charging infrastructure developed by Unicorn Energy GmbH, and on a stationary fuel cell as a solution for property owners. With a dedicated electrolyzer, additional green hydrogen can be produced on-site when switching from fossil fuels to renewable alternatives. All parties involved emphasized that it is significant for them to ensure that technology leadership in this field remains in Germany, or more precisely in Baden-Württemberg.

“Companies like Unicorn Energy are needed to lead the way in climate protection and the expansion of renewable energies, for an energy turnaround made in Baden-Württemberg,” said Federal Chairwoman Lang.

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